Visit Cornwall!

A visit Cornwall poster to start off our Mousehole Cat book study.


Nature Journal – Evergreens

We found some different plants in the garden. We had some snow so it marmt really practical to go for a mature walk this week. We Google searched one plant, which turned out to be Irish ivy, make some leaf rubbings, silhouettes and sketches. We also have some ivy leaves in the flower press to be stuck in later. 

Yummy Oat Flour Cakes

Today Rowan and I made these mini loaf cakes using homemade oat flour. We had to use regular sugar as that’s all we have but I reduced the amount (I often do with cakes and they still bake and taste fine). 

They were lovely, springy and moist ❤ definitely a hit and will make them again. The texture was really nice and they didn’t have that grainy feel gluten free cakes often have. I may try the recipe as a large cake in future. We’re going to have the rest with custard tomorrow.

Gluten Free Vegan Sausages

I made these sausages using this recipe but subbed in cannellini beans. I’ve made them before and they seem to work with any beans. Also pressured cooked them this time. Rowan scoffed two as soon as he saw them 😂 Using the aquafaba to have a go at egg free meringues too. So far so good and they are in the oven now. 

Fingers crossed they come out okay.