I can never think of good titles…

Sitting writing this from a wall, on a corner; in a proper out there in the country village. Educational psychologist appointment this morning. train to Farnham and then a bus to Frensham, how hard can it be? Oh lol

Get on the bus and ask for a ticket and driver wants to know where in Frensham. ‘Ummm’ check map and ask if he stops near the road I need and he replies he can drop me at the end of the road. He even tells me when it’s time to get off. Get off, no pavement and all I can see is fields and trees plus a few horses. Map is no help considering I don’t know which direction is which. I head in what I hope is the right direction based on the fact that I know my best friends house and the sea are roughly south from here and home is kinda north west behind me. It makes sense in my head, honestly.

Thankfully it’s right though this is not a good place to live if you don’t drive and especially if you have a pushchair on account of the complete lack of pavement on this road. But I get there on time and the appointment is fine. Slightly surprising results but not much from what I expected. Whether it was worth £500 I’m not sure. (I’m defiantly in the wrong job! my son has the right idea, he wants to be an educational psychologist… )

When I leave, in my great wisdom I decide to walk the other way, further into the village thinking it might be easier. Ha! no pavement and even less grass verge. I’m glad it’s no a busy road. Google maps isn’t even sure where I am, my old fail safe, fails me. No sign of a bus stop. Spot a sign for the village shop and head that way. A proper ‘we haven’t seen strangers in years’ type shop lol Turns out there is no bus stop but if I wait on the corner at the end of the road, next to the garage that doesn’t look like a garage; I can get the bus there… when it comes… which no one knows other than that it goes once an hour. They sell goose eggs and I’m wondering if they are hatchable. I quite fancy a goose guard dog lol

So know I’m sat on previously mentioned corner, waiting… and waiting. It’s 11.55, already eaten my jelly sweets. It’s 11.55, already eaten my jelly sweets. Listening to Fleetwood Mac, people watching and writing this one the back of my map. Loads of bikers and cyclists (fairweather?) in lyrca  shorts. has to be said that’s a view I could do without! the odd landrover and a fair few middle aged guys driving sports cars, probably with too much money or tiny dicks (or possibly both) But all of them had their shirt collars daringly unbuttoned!, well, it is the weekend, don’t you know? LOL… Reminds of some cheesy film script… forward thinking, liberal but lovable rebel; all bright red hair and visible tattoos (oh, how rebellious lol) turns up/gets stuck in some small not changed it forever town and everyone gets twitchy about their daughters getting led astray. But I digress… This wall is not very comfy at all but at least it isn’t raining… yet. I probably shouldn’t of said that. If it rains on everyone’s BBQ’s I’m sorry, my fault.

Saw the coolest thing on the train here. In on eof the back gardens that backed on to the train tracks there was a tiny shed/kids playhouse painted up to look like a signal box with ‘Sams Signal Box’ painted neatly across the front 😀 I also noticed that many climbing frames where next to fences… I know a child or two who’d take advantage of that ready made escape route!

Ooooooh bus! 12.25pm

Have you ever noticed how the journey home from somewhere always seems much faster than the journey there?

Is it summer yet?

I’d only just got used to this and now wordpress have changed it all around. Summer has finally found us though. I wonder how long it will stick around? If things keep going we’ll be having sunny a Yule and Christmas! This week has just draaaaaaaaaaaaaged so bad and now suddenly today has flown by! I have achieved nothing… oh I lie, I took a photo of a finished commission design.


I’ve cut the grass, with the lawnmover that is almost as big as me and must weigh as much if not more than me though now the garden looks sad. Before it looked like some wild woodland clearing and all the happy sunny dandelions are gone 😦

My little squirrel visitor chilling out under the pear tree

I have discovered there are actually three squirrels (mummy, daddy and baby?) Yesterday one was hanging upside down by it’s feet so it could reach it and take fat pellets from a bird feeder! Bird don’t seem bothered with it, only see them at the seed ones. I have a booklet from the RSPB to try and see if I can figure out whats types they are too.

Last Monday I found an injured sparrow by the road. Was walking ok but couldn’t fly and didn’t try and get away when we walked up, even with the nosy pushchair and 5 year old.  I carried it home in the front pocket of my hoody, kangaroo style lol kept it in a box with food and water and happily it flew out a few days ago 😀

LGBTQ Symbols

Gay/lesbian Pride Flag

The modern pride movement began after the Stonewall riots in 1959. Each year a parade was held to commemorate the anniversary of the riots. Now parades and festivals are held all over the world to celebrate gay pride. From the late 1970’s it became common to see a rainbow striped flag flying during parades and over events. The flag originated in California and was designed by an artist called Gilbert Baker living in San Francisco in 1978.

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16th May

So far this week has been going pretty well. Weather is getting drier and my garden is doing well. So far I have potatoes, garlic, strawberries, spring onions, two types of currants, gooseberries, two types of raspberries, various herbs, broad beans, runner beans, petite pois, beetroot, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pepper as well as sunflowers, nasturtiums and some other flowers.

Pea seedlings

Spoken to two old friends this week, one of which I haven’t spoken to in seven or eight years; maybe longer. Got a few good books from the charity shop near us and today purely by chance found somewhere new for us to walk. I went to collect something from another freecyler and was early as it took less time than I thought to walk there. I knew they weren’t in until later so had a wander round and spotted a public footpath sign pointing across a field into some woods so thought I’d take a look. The views where stunning but unfortunately my phone camera is fairly basic so no photos this time. I saw rabbits, squirrels and pheasants and it was so peaceful.

Speaking of squirrels the one who visits my garden has a friend (so maybe it’s actually two that come?) and they have a baby. I was wondering what the strange sounding bird was and then saw them in the tree next door. Next time I go out to feed them I must remember my camera. I bought the birds some suet pellets with dried insects (yummy! lol) but they don’t seem interested at all.

This week I have mostly been working on a rainbow coloured chain maille bracelet as part of a choker/bracelet/earring set. Love the fact that I have finally managed to grasp a few maille techniques. The piece looks great and feels so nice, very tactile. They are for a good friend of mine.

Rainbow Chain Maille



A Brief Guide to Incense – My latest Hubpages Article

Since ancient times people have been making incense using natural ingredients such as herbs, fruits, seeds, peels and spices. Incense is used in traditional medicines and the spiritual practices of many cultures, it can inspire, set a mood, aid meditation or simple create a pleasing fragrance for your home.

Incense sticks are available in a large variety of fragrances

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There are two types of incense you can use, combustible (sometimes called direct burning) and non-combustible (or indirect burning)

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Here comes the sun…

My garden

Well it’s here for now at least so I’ve been outside and got some of the much-needed garden jobs done. Don’t get me wrong, I love my garden; but every house I have lived in has had a disaster area of a garden and each time it has worked out that just when I have t growing nice I’ve moved.

My garden before this one was massive, long enough that my tape measure couldn’t reach the end. The grass was a good 3ft tall and it was more like a bmx track than a lawn with all the bumps! Later I discovered there was about another 6ft of garden hidden by bushes and weeds grown over from next door and the church behind. But they’d been left for a reason it seemed, as I cut them back I discovered masses of junk left by the people living there before us… bike parts, car batteries, cans, cutlery, car tyre, broken toys, rocks, wood… But in the end I did get it cleared and the area became a chicken/duck enclosure. When I left it was mostly flat, tidy and had a well established (and full) veg garden. Loads of strawberry and raspberry plants, potatoes, currants, herbs and I trained the blackberries over the fence and shed so even they were manageable.Could never call the grass a ‘lawn’ lol but in the spring it’d be covered in dandelions, which I love. I actually felt quite sad when the grass needed cutting and they’d all be gone.

This house also has a huge garden including pear, oak, conifer and greengage trees. I can find my house from half way across the estate because of the huge conifer! The garden is covered in little sprouting acorns and more leaves than I would have thought possible to come from one tree. It doesn’t look like anyone has done much out there in a long time and on one side loads of plants have grown over from next door.

I am not digging a specific ‘veg patch’ this year. I am going to try out just planting along with everything else in the borders and using pots. Today I cleared a patch of weeds, overgrowness from next door and brambles to plant some raspberry canes I swapped with another freecycler. I now have summer and autumn fruiting varieties, which should please my son as he loves them. Every day he will go out and pick what’s ready and eat them straight off the plant. He’s just the same with strawberries and you have to be quick to get a look in! 😀  I have done the same for some spuds and garlic and have a few more to go into. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend now the rain seems to have eased off.


Another view of my garden

Under the conifer I have planted loads of flowers including nasturtiums and sweet peas. Nasturtiums are one of my favorites and I like the fact that there are also useful as they can be eaten by us and Toby too (my tortoise) I don’t really go for growing flowers, I prefer my fruit and veg. I also have some sunflower and Calendula seedlings ready to plant out. The brambles I am keeping at the far end of the garden and will train them along the fence again but they have spread all over so I’ll need to dig those out. I do miss my Elder tree though, right now it would have been covered in it’s pretty and yummy smelling flowers and there just aren’t many round here at all.

Bank Holiday

Today has been a mixed day. With it being a bank holiday it feels like a weekend but of course there are still many ‘Monday’ things that need doing – accounts and shopping… both yukky lol Took Jack with me along with the ever present gameboy and every item I picked up he asked ‘can we pay yet?’ (Paying means going home) He had no idea what he wanted to eat for dinner and I was uninspired :s We came up with pizza but that’s no easy task when your wheat and dairy intolerant! We settled on home made chicken escallops, oven chips and beans which turned out ok using almond milk, rice flour and frozen breadcrumbs from a disaster wheat free loaf.
My second attempt at a raw nut cheese is in the fridge. The texture is tons better this time, no graininess. I bought ground almonds this time as I don’t think my blender is really up to grounding the whole one. Now to see if it sets.

Half way through the accounts Andrew wants me to explain some sheet music notation to him. Blimey that’s going back a bit but  between memory and google we managed to sort it out. NOW he wants to learn piano, grumble, mutter, grumble I bought a piano when he was little with the intention for him to learn (great hand/arm exercise as he has hemiparesis) but he was never very interested and I gave it away several years ago *sigh* But he has a keyboard so that’ll have to do. Makes a change from anime and games. But I’ve lost count and online bankings logged me out so I can only hope I got everything right. Maths is definitely not my strong point!

Then on to website search tags, google attributes and SEO for the new shop, not especially hard but tedious. Everything is now updated so at least I only need to do it for one item at a time as I add them. Google find me and make all my work worth while lol

I haven’t made anything much for a few weeks other than a couple of custom orders and a crochet blanket I am working on but this afternoon felt some much needed mojo returning and made some rainbow angels and am going to make a few spiral pendants later and maybe watch some Lost, as I still haven’t seen it all. Just need to remember where I have seen up too…