Bank Holiday

Today has been a mixed day. With it being a bank holiday it feels like a weekend but of course there are still many ‘Monday’ things that need doing – accounts and shopping… both yukky lol Took Jack with me along with the ever present gameboy and every item I picked up he asked ‘can we pay yet?’ (Paying means going home) He had no idea what he wanted to eat for dinner and I was uninspired :s We came up with pizza but that’s no easy task when your wheat and dairy intolerant! We settled on home made chicken escallops, oven chips and beans which turned out ok using almond milk, rice flour and frozen breadcrumbs from a disaster wheat free loaf.
My second attempt at a raw nut cheese is in the fridge. The texture is tons better this time, no graininess. I bought ground almonds this time as I don’t think my blender is really up to grounding the whole one. Now to see if it sets.

Half way through the accounts Andrew wants me to explain some sheet music notation to him. Blimey that’s going back a bit but  between memory and google we managed to sort it out. NOW he wants to learn piano, grumble, mutter, grumble I bought a piano when he was little with the intention for him to learn (great hand/arm exercise as he has hemiparesis) but he was never very interested and I gave it away several years ago *sigh* But he has a keyboard so that’ll have to do. Makes a change from anime and games. But I’ve lost count and online bankings logged me out so I can only hope I got everything right. Maths is definitely not my strong point!

Then on to website search tags, google attributes and SEO for the new shop, not especially hard but tedious. Everything is now updated so at least I only need to do it for one item at a time as I add them. Google find me and make all my work worth while lol

I haven’t made anything much for a few weeks other than a couple of custom orders and a crochet blanket I am working on but this afternoon felt some much needed mojo returning and made some rainbow angels and am going to make a few spiral pendants later and maybe watch some Lost, as I still haven’t seen it all. Just need to remember where I have seen up too…

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