16th May

So far this week has been going pretty well. Weather is getting drier and my garden is doing well. So far I have potatoes, garlic, strawberries, spring onions, two types of currants, gooseberries, two types of raspberries, various herbs, broad beans, runner beans, petite pois, beetroot, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pepper as well as sunflowers, nasturtiums and some other flowers.

Pea seedlings

Spoken to two old friends this week, one of which I haven’t spoken to in seven or eight years; maybe longer. Got a few good books from the charity shop near us and today purely by chance found somewhere new for us to walk. I went to collect something from another freecyler and was early as it took less time than I thought to walk there. I knew they weren’t in until later so had a wander round and spotted a public footpath sign pointing across a field into some woods so thought I’d take a look. The views where stunning but unfortunately my phone camera is fairly basic so no photos this time. I saw rabbits, squirrels and pheasants and it was so peaceful.

Speaking of squirrels the one who visits my garden has a friend (so maybe it’s actually two that come?) and they have a baby. I was wondering what the strange sounding bird was and then saw them in the tree next door. Next time I go out to feed them I must remember my camera. I bought the birds some suet pellets with dried insects (yummy! lol) but they don’t seem interested at all.

This week I have mostly been working on a rainbow coloured chain maille bracelet as part of a choker/bracelet/earring set. Love the fact that I have finally managed to grasp a few maille techniques. The piece looks great and feels so nice, very tactile. They are for a good friend of mine.

Rainbow Chain Maille



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