Is it summer yet?

I’d only just got used to this and now wordpress have changed it all around. Summer has finally found us though. I wonder how long it will stick around? If things keep going we’ll be having sunny a Yule and Christmas! This week has just draaaaaaaaaaaaaged so bad and now suddenly today has flown by! I have achieved nothing… oh I lie, I took a photo of a finished commission design.


I’ve cut the grass, with the lawnmover that is almost as big as me and must weigh as much if not more than me though now the garden looks sad. Before it looked like some wild woodland clearing and all the happy sunny dandelions are gone 😦

My little squirrel visitor chilling out under the pear tree

I have discovered there are actually three squirrels (mummy, daddy and baby?) Yesterday one was hanging upside down by it’s feet so it could reach it and take fat pellets from a bird feeder! Bird don’t seem bothered with it, only see them at the seed ones. I have a booklet from the RSPB to try and see if I can figure out whats types they are too.

Last Monday I found an injured sparrow by the road. Was walking ok but couldn’t fly and didn’t try and get away when we walked up, even with the nosy pushchair and 5 year old.  I carried it home in the front pocket of my hoody, kangaroo style lol kept it in a box with food and water and happily it flew out a few days ago 😀

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