I can never think of good titles…

Sitting writing this from a wall, on a corner; in a proper out there in the country village. Educational psychologist appointment this morning. train to Farnham and then a bus to Frensham, how hard can it be? Oh lol

Get on the bus and ask for a ticket and driver wants to know where in Frensham. ‘Ummm’ check map and ask if he stops near the road I need and he replies he can drop me at the end of the road. He even tells me when it’s time to get off. Get off, no pavement and all I can see is fields and trees plus a few horses. Map is no help considering I don’t know which direction is which. I head in what I hope is the right direction based on the fact that I know my best friends house and the sea are roughly south from here and home is kinda north west behind me. It makes sense in my head, honestly.

Thankfully it’s right though this is not a good place to live if you don’t drive and especially if you have a pushchair on account of the complete lack of pavement on this road. But I get there on time and the appointment is fine. Slightly surprising results but not much from what I expected. Whether it was worth £500 I’m not sure. (I’m defiantly in the wrong job! my son has the right idea, he wants to be an educational psychologist… )

When I leave, in my great wisdom I decide to walk the other way, further into the village thinking it might be easier. Ha! no pavement and even less grass verge. I’m glad it’s no a busy road. Google maps isn’t even sure where I am, my old fail safe, fails me. No sign of a bus stop. Spot a sign for the village shop and head that way. A proper ‘we haven’t seen strangers in years’ type shop lol Turns out there is no bus stop but if I wait on the corner at the end of the road, next to the garage that doesn’t look like a garage; I can get the bus there… when it comes… which no one knows other than that it goes once an hour. They sell goose eggs and I’m wondering if they are hatchable. I quite fancy a goose guard dog lol

So know I’m sat on previously mentioned corner, waiting… and waiting. It’s 11.55, already eaten my jelly sweets. It’s 11.55, already eaten my jelly sweets. Listening to Fleetwood Mac, people watching and writing this one the back of my map. Loads of bikers and cyclists (fairweather?) in lyrca  shorts. has to be said that’s a view I could do without! the odd landrover and a fair few middle aged guys driving sports cars, probably with too much money or tiny dicks (or possibly both) But all of them had their shirt collars daringly unbuttoned!, well, it is the weekend, don’t you know? LOL… Reminds of some cheesy film script… forward thinking, liberal but lovable rebel; all bright red hair and visible tattoos (oh, how rebellious lol) turns up/gets stuck in some small not changed it forever town and everyone gets twitchy about their daughters getting led astray. But I digress… This wall is not very comfy at all but at least it isn’t raining… yet. I probably shouldn’t of said that. If it rains on everyone’s BBQ’s I’m sorry, my fault.

Saw the coolest thing on the train here. In on eof the back gardens that backed on to the train tracks there was a tiny shed/kids playhouse painted up to look like a signal box with ‘Sams Signal Box’ painted neatly across the front 😀 I also noticed that many climbing frames where next to fences… I know a child or two who’d take advantage of that ready made escape route!

Ooooooh bus! 12.25pm

Have you ever noticed how the journey home from somewhere always seems much faster than the journey there?

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