Catch Up

Time has been flying! can’t believe it has been weeks since I posted. Everything is ok but busy here. The ducklings are really big now and nearly as tall as their brooder. I am hopefully going to start on their outside pen this week if the weather stays ok. trying to decided where in the garden to have them as although the garden is big it’s on three levels and there is quite a bit of other stuff out there like swings, trampoline, shed…


I have five tiny quail chicks that just hatched yesterday. They are very cute and funny and unlike the ducklings, actually like me. They always run away 😦


Ickle blondie 🙂 All the others are darker coloured

I have been working on a few new projects for the site including splitting my pride designs from the rest and having a separate website for those. Which is all now stocked and up and running and can be visited at It’s something I’ve been considering for a while and I think it will make promoting the sites and marketing a lot easier. I am going to be adding some new lines to Elderberry Arts in the next months as well as jewellery too.

My oldest son was 15 yesterday (where do all the years go!?) and I made a dairy and wheat free cheesecake using tofu and avocado to create the ‘cheese’ topping. I really wasn’t sure about the tofu but it worked really well. It had a printed rice paper topper but it that soaked up some of the moisture from the cake and got a bit soggy.

Wheat and dairy free cheesecake

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