Quick Update

I am really pleased with how the site is going at the moment. Glad that I decided to separate my pride designs from everything else as it is making promoting both easier and I can join, target stuff and generally work more efficiently and with the right audiences. I love the fact that I am able to work with things that I love and have a genuine interest in, however the disadvantage is there is so much I’d like to keep for myself lol 🙂 I have some grapefruit and lime candles that arrived yesterday and they smell totally yummy! The citronella tea lights are nice too. Handy for keeping away bugs.
Grapefruit and Lime Candle

I have some pretty glass tea light holders just added as well available in pink, yellow and clear glass. Each comes with a white unscented tea light.

Pink Glass Tea Light Holder

I am currently working on some new incense blends and may make them into cones rather than leaving them loose. Not many people seem to go for the loose though I thought maybe that’s because they aren’t sure how to burn it? Personally I like the loose as I can mixed up whatever I fancy and have it ready to use in no time and it still stores well if I make a batch

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of writing and have added links to some relevant articles to the side bar on Elderberry Arts. I am mainly working on a series of introductions to various things including herb magic, feng shui, chakras, healing crystals and incense. Working on a project for Bead magazine as well.

In other news the ducklings are so big now. They haven’t any heat for a few weeks now and spend all day out in our housey type area and I bring them in at night. Should be able to go outside soon. They still run away from me though 😦 I have been hand feeding them slugs and mealworms in an attempt to win them over. In the mornings they are calmer about me picking them up and letting them out which is good.  The quail are not even two weeks old yet and are huge compared to when they hatched, about the size of a chick now. They have the right idea and often sleep in the food bowl so they don’t even have to move to eat! lol







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