04/02/2013 – Massive Update

I have been really bad about blogging, I admit I keep forgetting and really need to get into the habit of doing regular posts here.

Loads has happened since my last post. All my pride jewellery is now available from Lavender Lifestyles and I will be closing the shop at RainBi Pride as it is just too much to keep up day to day. My hub page articles have reached 10,000 views! The current most popular hub is Pagan symbols and their meanings. That one hasn’t dropped beyond the top few places since I wrote it over a year ago . I have updated it several time since it was first published and it now includes a poll to take part in and information on 15 different pagan symbols. Most of the pictures I used are also public domain or licensed for use if attributed so feel free to use them yourselves.

Other new hubs include Raw vegan desserts, raw soups and healthy lunchbox ideas for children as well as others on topics such as feeding garden birds, and wheat and dairy free recipes. Hope you will enjoy reading and look out for updates and new hubs in the future. I am also still writing regularly for various crafting magazines and working on a book of my own.

Our main site, Elderberry Arts now has a large range of spiritual and pagan related items. Why not take a look at our range of tumble stones, or crystal wands?

Amethyst Crystal Wand

Our range of spell, altar and smudging supplies including various scented smudging sticks, cauldrons, bowls, quilts and magical inks.


Pentacle cauldron


Sage and Sweetgrass Smudge Stick

Bats Blood Ink

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