Uh oh, another craft to add ;)

Half term week was a busy but good one 😀 Spent time with good friends, creating memories and adventures as well as having some quiet days home.
Having never crocheted much I have discovered arigurami and have made a Pokeball and am currently working on an Umbreon toy. Well, lets face it; it had to be Pokemon lol I bought myself a book of very cute characters from Hobby Craft at the weekend and will make a few of those too. Once again way to many things I want to do and simply not enough time in the days! (or life most likely) My daughter is also having a go and making a dog from a kit she had as a present.
I contacted a whole load of magazines over the last couple of weeks and think next time I will pace it a bit more as I now have quite a bit of writing to do. Fortunately I have a long list of ideas. I am also going to try a ‘7 hubs in 7 days’ challenge this week, well it is Tuesday to Tuesday to help get me motivated and some mojo flowing. My earnings at HubPages are building up now which is good too.

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