Successes and Great Things!

I made some gluten, milk and egg free bread in my slow cooker and it came out the most like bread of any recipe I have tried 🙂

Umbreon has a head. Crash course in crochet going well 🙂 (only made a granny square before)

Good day at school for small Boo 🙂

Everything is ready for my daughter’s birthday 🙂 (12! where do the years go?)

Good and understanding friends 🙂

Getting some good and paid writing work 🙂

New fans, positive comments and rising hub scores on HubPages 🙂

My family and friends being healthy, well and here 🙂

Dairy free, chocolate – banana sushi 🙂

Today turned out pretty well 🙂

2 thoughts on “Successes and Great Things!

    • Mostly life is going well at the moment and I just got accepted to write another project for Bead magazine too 😀 Now I just need the secret to motivating my 15 year old into school and all the other ‘boring’ things he has to do!

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