Well, I didn’t manage to complete the 7 hubs in 7 days challenge but I did manage 5 1/2 hubs in 7 days which is still pretty good. I kinda lost steam over the weekend as it was my daughter birthday and then my son was ill on Sunday and I ended up having to take him down the hospital when his face swelled up suddenly! He has food intolerances so not taking any chances and he said it was really hurting it too. He has an abscess which is good but one good thing to come of it is that the hospital are going to take over all his dental stuff and I don’t have to wait for (or put him through) seeing the special needs dentist which is good news. They are going to put him to sleep and be able to get a good look at what it needed and do it rather than the dentist. He is back to his old self today thankfully 🙂

I completed NaNoWriMo last November, although I haven’t done any more with the novel I wrote yet. I think I will at some point but it needs a lot of editing and I am think of changing it from the diary entry type style I wrote it in (The Color Purple/The Time Travellers Wife) to straight prose. Means a lot more writing to be done but I think it will work better. Still need t think on it. I’ll keep my original draft anyway so could always change my mind. I had an email today for CampNaNoWriMo and might give that a go too and either write a series of articles around one topic or join the ‘rebels’ and use the time to work on the novel I wrote last year. Quite a few of the magazines I contacted recently were happy for me to submit articles so it could be a way to build up a collection to then use which feel more productive than working further on something that may just sit as a computer file for years.

The Dog for David Art Show are looking for art and craft works from people on the autism spectrum and their friends and family. All work will be displayed in a local art gallery and items are being accepted from all over the world. Unless requested otherwise by the artist, all items will be placed in a silent auction during the show and all proceeds will go towards David’s service dog fund. I will be sending in some gemstone angel keyrings. Please do take a look at the facebook page and blog for more information and considered taking part in this event to help David and also promote the talents and strengths of those living with autism.

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