I got a slow start with the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge. With the school Easter holidays and one things and another I didn’t get much time and did think about giving up and leaving it until it runs again in June. But this last week I have really felt like writing and have written the blog on chillies and five hubs which has brought my total up to 7593 words out of 10,000 written so far. I may make it yet! 😀

02/04/2013 – April Plans

After competing NaNoWriMo last November I am going to attempt Camp NaNoWriMo this April and maybe again for the second one in June (I think it is) But rather than working on a novel again I am joining the rebels and aiming to write a least 10,000 words of blog posts, hubs and other articles in the month. I have a list of ideas that will hopefully at least give me a start point.

Having done 50,000 words in a month 10,000 shouldn’t be so bad, though these will need researching in some cases which my novel didn’t so time is a factor there. I also have one uni module part way through and another starting on the 6th along with work and all the normally day to day stuff and getting started in the veg patch now the weather is warming up. Well, I do always say I’d rather be busy! Lol