This week seems to be flying by! Spend most of Monday sorting out Andrew’s college courses as they were pushing him to taking an IT BTEC which he didn’t really want to do. He does like computers but wants to take a psychology degree so was planning on taking science courses. The morning went well though and got everything we wanted to done. jack is really liking using EdPlace so I will most likely be subscribing after the trial ends.

Clothes shopping yesterday (very thankful for internet shopping!) as Jack has all of a sudden grown out of so many clothes. I can’t complain as clothes last him ages, he still had jumpers that were bought for him before we moved here in 2011. Mothercare had a but one get one half price offer so I went with that and also bought some swimming shorts for the first time. Jack has never liked the idea of swimming as he is afraid of being splashed or water being in his eyes but he recently saw the local pool and it is the fun type with slides and bubbles etc. and asked if we could go. Going to get some goggles and see if they help and give it a go one morning, when hopefully it’ll be pretty quiet and empty and see how he goes. He loves water and I used to take him on my back into the sea when we lived by the coast from when he was about 2 which he always loved, but a few years ago he became scared of it splashing him and even of rain falling on him. He is ok with rain now and I think he would really enjoy swimming/playing in the water if he could do so without the worry of getting splashed.

Was home ed group today which Jack enjoys and always totally tires him out. We got home and he ate a big plate of omelette, chips and beans. He’s not a great chips fan but asked for them and although he likes hard boiled egg white he is suspicious of egg any other way so I am happy he was accepting of the omelette and ate and enjoyed it. Though this may mean I’ll be making omelettes constantly for a while! We have signed up for a reading group at the local library and skating groups starts soon which we are hoping to go too some weeks.


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