Good week and Busy Weekend

Another good week for us. My oldest son, Andrew completed his first week at college and so far says it is easy! Worked on our normal English, maths and science bits, the minibeasts project is still going strong and one good point about the fact that it has rained so much over the last few days is that hopefully we will be able to collect some worms for the worm farm easily. Jack still wants to learn Polish and has been watching some videos on utube and picking up odd word. On Thursday Jack had his MRI scan so now the waiting begins for the results.

I decided it would be much easier to get all our home ed resources into one area, or at least room. So having got two new bookcases set about rearranging things. We have a combined kitchen-dining room which is where the PC is so I emptied and moved an old dresser that was there too and now have a large but low bookcase in the space so that jack can reach everything for himself if he needs too. Dresser is now in the hallway full of bags/hats/gloves etc. Needs a nice plant on top I think. Need to get some plastic boxes for pens, pencils, glue, paint and other bits so I can stack them up on the shelves as well and everything will be together.

This weekend we went to the children’s great nan’s 82th birthday in London which was good. We don’t get to see much of the family and it was good for all the cousins to get together and have fun. They are all very similar ages and overall everyone had a good day. Jack was moody on the way home as he generally is after being around a lot of people, but most likely was partly tiredness as well. He’s on and off today but we decided to go to the Autism Friendly screening of Planes at our local cinema. I had to take him out for a few minutes as he was getting to loud and moody at one point but otherwise it was good and everyone enjoyed the film. We also got given three free tickets on the way out to use on another day which is great as Emily enjoys going to the cinema. I will most likely keep them for the next autism friendly film. We are hoping to go to another at the end of the month at the cinema in Camberley, which is Madagascar 3 and tickets are only £1.75 each!

Hopefully the weather will be a bit better this week as we’d like to get up on to the Downs or maybe the arboretum in Onslow village and collect some autumn bits and pieces. Other plans for the week are ice skating, more polish, making bread and a pirate themed day for International Talk like a Pirate Day. There is also a Lego club we could go to and also our normal HE group in farnham so we will mostly likely go to one or the other. Though I am not going to do the full 12-4pm at group as it just wears Jack out too much for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone has a good week.

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