Today started out brilliantly! By lunchtime Jack had done maths and English online activities, read another Seriously Silly Story and Jack had made up his own using the generator over at Schoolastic Story Starters. Then we did a worksheet on bread making and made a loaf of seeded gluten and dairy free bread. Jack seemed over his moodiness of yesterday and as he is really enjoying the silly stories I had a look online for some more books, did five loads of washing and tidied up and hoovered downstairs.

Having fun making bread.

Having fun making bread.

We ate our bread for lunch which was nice but it could of done with a bit longer in the oven and was quite fragile. After lunch we had planned to work on the Jamaica project and make some marbled eggs but neither really worked out. Started using Google to look up the answers to some questions I had prepared last night but the presence of paper and pens totally threw it off and to be honest spoilt what could of been interesting and fun. Tried to stick with it but we weren’t getting anywhere so quit for the day. As I was already suspecting I noticed his pen grip was poor and also very awkward. I suggested trying holding the pen the way I was and although Jack tried, he said it hurt his hand more. He cannot explain why he gets so upset about writing. I think it was pushed at school and that has, in part put him off. I have the program Dragon on my laptop so I may see how using that goes next time or maybe type the answers and then print and cut them out to stick into the project book. Talking to the computer and having it type for you is probably pretty cool in a 6 year old eyes in itself lol 🙂  Either that or crash course in creating editable PDFs for me so he can type on the sheets and then print it out!

I also remembered I had not posted a picture of our finished handprint sunflower. We sued home made paint for the hand prints and next time I would use a lot more colouring, as although it looked fine as we were using it; it has dried much lighter. When we topped up the bird feeders and tidied the veg patch last week, we put the head from my sunflower up for the birds. Something had already been eating the seeds and knocked it over a few times anyway. Jack’s is now about 8ft tall with a small but very bright flower on top. Twice he has been thrilled to see bees on it collecting nectar and has come running in to tell me.


Sleepy boy <3

Sleepy boy ❤




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