Sunday again… where does the week go?

This week I added some more structure to what we have been doing and found we have gotten so much more done without feeling under pressure or overly regimented. It has also meant that I can write out what Jack needs to do and he will happily follow it. Works well with computer activities as I can open each in a separate tab and have it ready to go. I am planning to buy some A4 plastic folders so I can create the same effect with off computer work and see how that works out. Could even set those up for the week in one go…

Thursday’s pirate day was a big hit. Jack has never shown any real interest in pirates but as it was International Talk Like a Pirate day I thought I’d give it a try. I downloaded and study pack from CurrClick and a couple of other things too. Had a rough start with a word search, which didn’t go down well at all but the reading, quizzes and treasure map designing was better. Jack came up with the idea of the map being of the house rather than an island and hiding a toy as treasure for me to find. I made octodogs, fish shaped sandwiches and ‘cannonballs’ (grapes) for lunch and then he had some pirate treasure of midget gems. Create a pirate profile was a hit too and Jack made up two pirates, Yuk and P, one who’s worse habit was licking people lol

Friday was some health, safety and citizenship lessons on Studyladder, learn Polish videos on home and fruit vocabulary and currently, wii music for a bit of a chilli out before an early lunch and then we went skating as the Spectrum has a reduced rate session for home ed families on a friday. Jack loved the skating and although it has been a long time since he went, got back into it quickly.

On the way home from skating we went to Lakland to buy some jars. The pear tree in our garden has produced a huge amount of pears this year so I am planning to make some more jam and have a go at canning some in sugar syrup so need some Kilner jars. Hoping I have enough saved jars in the cupboard for the jam. I don’t buy a lot of food in jars but my nan saves them for me too so should be ok. I am planning to make mixed berry and pear jam. I collected some elderberries up on the Downs and near the hospital to make syrup for colds. I often use it to make a elderberry and lemon hot drink for colds, though I have also just used the jam before and that dissolves and works fine. Every other house I have lived in had an elder tree and Grimsby had so many all over as well. Here there are hardly any so I am going to look into buy a young tree or two for the garden. Both sides are lined with trees and there are a few gaps that would be perfect. Emily spotted yesterday that the smaller pear tree also has pears on this year. They are still tiny and look like they will be the darker, longer type than the older tree. They were here when we moved in and I wish one was apple as that would be perfect.

Lakeland where out of stock of the jars I needed but yesterday I was lucky and got some jars from another Freecycler. Using a River cottage recipe bottled 8 1lb jars of pears and made some strawberry and pear jam. This morning I made the elderberry syrup and have nine small bottles which is great. In perfect timing, I woke up with a cold coming.

Maybe making apple pie later and wondering how pear pie would be. Will take some photos too.

Happy equinox 😀

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