Happy Days :D

Yesterday and today Jack wrote willingly with no encouragement needed at all 😀 such a big step from a few months ago when he would become instantly upset and frustrated just from being told he would be writing or seeing worksheets and pens out. Working with him one to one I quickly realised he wasn’t deliberately not writing but was actually having trouble holding the pen and using it with enough pressure to mark the paper. His grip was all wrong and when I suggested he try and copy me he said he couldn’t do it because he hurt him. We experimented with some different pens and he wrote best with a felt tip so I bought some chunky ones  and he has found those much better.

Today are internet went down so we had to change around some things and dyed some eggs and made white play dough along with some minibeast project work and reading. We are reading the series of Seriously Silly Stories.

My big boy has done a whole week and a bit of not eating meat as of today which he is really pleased with. Just a few months ago he was worried he’d miss meat way too much and thought he didn’t like/had sensory issues around so many other foods that he would not be able to be vegetarian. So he is doing really well and has tried quite a few new foods as well.

Our pear tree has produced an incredible amount of pears this year. I have 12 jars of jam and 8 jars of preserved pears so far and have also given away 10 carrier bags full to other Freecyclers. Lots where no good after falling and were badly bruised of being eaten by insects so they have had a good meal too. Rather than collect them up and throw them out or compost them I have been putting them in the hedges and side borders to break down or being eaten by any creature that fancies. Next year I want to weigh them and see just how many. The smaller pear tree also has some fruit on this year though they are still small.

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