Preserving time

Most of last weekend was spend processing and preserving. I have had a go at bottling/canning for the first time this year and have six jars of my seven veg sauce all ready for future use. Also jarred some pears in sugar syrup and have made blackberry and pear, pear and mixed berry, strawberry and pear and banana and blackberry jams. Managed to find enough elderberries for a few bottles of syrup for colds etc. but none going into the jam this year. I am going to look into buy a young tree or two for my garden as there do not seem to be many trees in the area and our other two houses both had elderberry trees so I am missing using them.


The weather has warmed up a bit and my strawberries and runner beans are both flowering and fruiting again so hopefully we will have some more of those to come. The patio/pot veg garden has done great this year so I will be sticking with that for future. Planning on evicting the patio table and chairs and expanding too šŸ˜€

Skating was a success on Friday again and we met up with friends on the way. Jack was happy as they have a son his age and the two of them went round together and had a few races. It is good to see him spending quality time with other children out of choice rather than struggling because it is being forced on him in an uncomfortable environment. This week we are working on the ocean as a project topic and enjoying the virtual library on ReadingĀ  Eggspress. Jack is fascinated by the daddy long legs that are suddenly everywhere and wants to keep them as pets. Should have my new site finished this week and back to uni on the 3rd as well.

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