Very good day yesterday, good start to the week really. Jack is really into his ocean project and pleased that he has achieved 200 points on EdPlace and now has enough for his reward of a new Skylander.

We started out this morning with a popcorn science experiment on what happens to how or if popcorn pops in certain conditions. We used a saucepan with a glass lid so jack could see the kernels popping which delighted him. After some Reading Eggs and lunch we set off for swimming for the first time. Jack has never been swimming at a pool before. When he was younger I used to take him the sea to paddle and I’d piggy back him out in the water which he loved. I had planned to teach him to swim there but as he got older he became really afraid of the water splashing him and especially getting on his face. Even in the bath he would worry and at one point was even very anxious of rain falling on him so swimming wasn’t something he wanted to try. I never pushed it with him, kept his baths really shallow as he liked and hunted down one of those guards for washing hair that stop the water getting near your face.

When showing friends where the Spectrum was in Guildford Jack spotted the leisure pool there as from the entrance you can look down through a glass walled area. As well as the swimming areas it has Jacuzzi pools, bubbles, fountains, several slides, waves and a small pirate ship. Straight away he asked if we could go. We had a little chat about the water and how it will splash etc. but he seemed sure and on two subsequent visits for skating asked if we could go. So I found out times, bought swimming shorts and put it onto our timetable for this week. After a little hesitation and anxiety about some sprays of water he loved it! Tried out all the slides several times and it turns out that on one you ride down it in an inflatable tyre which Jack thought was great fun. I had taken a towel to the pool with us and quite a few times he went to wipe his face and ears dry but always calmly and came straight back happy to carry on. In fact I pretty much had to carry him out at the end of the session 😀 I think we will be regular visitors from now on.

Once again it is proven that letting children do things at their own pace and in their own way works and is so much kinder and positive than forcing them because that is seen as the way they ‘should be’ or what they ‘should be doing’.  He got to it in his own time and worked out his worries his own way knowing he was supported and it was ok to feel that way. Small steps will make it all the way.


On the way home we walked into Guildford town across Stoke Park and collected some conkers and also found half a birds egg. Went into the sewing machine shop but unfortunately they didn’t have the part I needed, went to Game for the Skylander and into Primark to exchange a jumper and bough Jack a knitted snowman jumper he liked. All good 🙂

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