After swimming the rest of the week went well and Jack has asked to go back next week. Monday he says because he doesn’t want to wait lol It is a little under 3 miles to the Spectrum from us but will most likely walk all the way tomorrow so we can pop into Sports Direct on the way for a float or similar and also because I miss walking. Now Jack is home he cannot manage the long walks I take and although we have a the Special Tomato buggy I tend to only use it when we are out for a whole day, going far from home or know it is likely that there will be sensory/meltdown/safety issues. I have been worrying lately about the fact that if he has a seizure (he has several a day) and then needs to sleep I’d be stuck because I honestly cannot carry him far any more and what if I have other things with me? That hasn’t happened since he started taking melatonin though which I hope is a good sign. I miss all the walking I used to do and now I am not even doing the school run I spend a lot of time sitting even if I am working, studying or crafting. From now I am going to start walking now and take the buggy. jack can walk as much as he can  and then I can push him. He does ok with most things but walking 3 miles, swimming or skating for 90 minutes and then walking another 3 miles is a lot!

Yesterday we went to Chessington World of Adventures. We got there for when it opened and there where hardly any queues at all. Jack’s favourites are the Vampire and the Pirate Galleon and Emily got to have another go on Dragon Fury. The bumper cars and Bubbleworks are also big hits. The Sealife centre fitted in nicely with our ocean project and Jack took some photos and also filled out the quiz sheet where you have to search the centre for the clues and answers. We bought a couple of Christmas presents in the gift shop and were ready to leave by 3pm. On the way home we walk through the town centre and popped into WHS to look what books where in the 2 for £10 offer. Emily chose a One Direction book and I got Hugh’s Three Good Things. A recipe from that has given me a good idea for a few more presents too and a vegan chocolate recipe that will most likely be my next hub.

Today was a stay at home day, doing some uni work, some washing and a bit of tidying up. Jack is currently crazy about the Wii game Poke Park. Dinner was Quorn and veg cottage pie with carrots, sweetcorn and peas and ‘square chips’. My mum always made them when we were kids and they are somehow so much better than normal chips lol Just slice thickly slice potatoes and then cut into 1 cm ish cubes and fry. Don’t even need to peel them unless you really want too. I am going to plan our timetable for the week and work on my final essay for my teaching assistant course before bed.

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