Time for a Change?

Even before we started home educating I liked the idea of unschooling but unfortunately found it didn’t work too well for us. Although Jack doesn’t need routine as much as a lot of children who have autism he does need to have some idea of what is happening and when. I plan our week with topics/subjects but not necessarily set tasks or work and see what he chooses at the time mostly but at the same time am flexible and some days change quite a bit.  This week has been quite different and we have hardly stuck to the week plan at all and yet still got lots done. Jack got back into Reading Eggs in a big way and completed four spots on a map on Monday and then several more throughout the rest of the week. He has wanted to use the BBC Bitesize site quite a bit and really likes a particular game on Cool Maths games where you have to run a hot dog stand. The days have gone fine and we have just followed wherever each went so I may try and have some more free times in future.


We watched another episode of Planet Earth and read ocean themed books and explored a new park and woods in Shalford, which I have figured out a new short circular walk round for next week. We are hopefully going to Alice Holt as well next week if the weather stays nice. Friday we are going to Cleethorpes for the weekend to see family and friends.


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