Shalford Park, the River Wey and Skittles Experiments – Another Week Flown By!

Yet another week has flown by, it is hard to believe that Jack has been out of school for four months already! and also how quickly things change, back then I was the one with all the questions and now I find myself helping, reassuring and advising other parents. Glad I can help others and it has been a great four months, very busy but fun and easier in some ways.

Jack has gone back to being more into Reading Eggs and Reading Express this week and has now completed all the maps and some other bits. He also earned another reward on EdPlace 😀 We worked on fractions using playdough and halves and doubles with a pot full of 1ps. Telling the time is coming along too, Jack had real problems with understanding the passage of time; tried a stopwatch and all sorts but in the last few weeks digital seems to have clicked and he is understanding much better. Like being able to read did, I think that knowing how to tell the time will help him a lot because he will be able to see things coming up easier and I can say ‘at 12 ‘o’ clock we are……’ or say he has X minutes left on something and he will know what I mean.
On Wednesday we went to Shalford park and then walked back to Guildford along the River Wey, spotting interesting things, collecting leaves to go with the ones from Alice Holt, testing what floats and feeding ducks along the way.

When we stopped for some lunch we carried out some impromptu science experiments using Skittle sweets and water. I suggested Jack put it in the water to see what would happen. Once he saw the colour was rubbing off he decided to see what would happen if he left it in their for longer and longer and what would happen to the water and Skittle. He then tested how the Skittle and water had changed in taste too. That then led to what would happen if the Skittle stayed in the water until we got home? So he carried it home in a little pot. I was surprised by how quickly it dissolved (I made Skittles vodka once and still had sweets left after a week soaking) and became ‘Skittles drink’ lol

 On Thursday evening we went bowling. Andrew and a friend of Emily’s came with us. First time Andrew’s been in at least a year and he won! Then today we went ice skating after not going for a few weeks and Jack had a really good skate. He stayed on for an hour and may of stayed longer if we hadn’t needed to get home by a certain time. I think we will only going every fortnight as it seems to work better, I think he gets a bit bored of it otherwise. That way it can alternate with swimming or other activities and keep variety without it being overwhelming for him.

Alice Holt and More New Foods!

Yesterday we went to Alice Holt in Farnham. We had originally planned to go with friends but when they couldn’t make it Jack wanted to go anyway. Normally when we go we go in at the Bentley station end which is the opposite end of the forest from where the play area, cafe and trails are so this time I wanted to go in that way. Too us a while to get there as I didn’t know what time the buses when and it turned out they didn’t connect up well. It was freezing waiting in Aldershot but once we got to Alice Holt it was much warmer.

We started at the cafe as Jack was hungry and had already eaten most of his lunch and after that Jack used a map to find the wooden play area.

Alice Holt

After the park we decided to try one of the discovery trails and Jack chose Willow and enjoyed looking out for the next marker arrow and figuring out which way too go. He chose the trail as it also had some rainforest activities and that is one of his big interests. We also found some interesting sights and a partly constructed den and spend some time playing there and adding some more sticks and fern. We also crossed two log bridges.


Jack asked for squid again for dinner but the Tesco fish counter didn’t have. They had some sea food cocktail (prawns, mussels and squid) so I went for that and Jack tried and liked mussels. He also tried and liked a samosa on wednsday. Normally he won’t et food he can see all of or is mixed up so that is a big step for him. Our plan for this afternoon is to make some gluten/dairy free pastry and make some homemade vegetable samosas.

Body Project and New Foods.

Body project is still well underway – adding in some lapbook type resources so lots of cutting, gluing and matching going on. Jack had fun doing the jigsaws over at (anatomically correct pictures of eye, digestive system, heart etc.) and we also made a ‘bran hat’ from


I also downloaded a compound word matching game from Twinkl that Jack likes so have been making some more word cards to add to those using other compound words. Laminated they make a good and fun activity, will post a photo once I have them all cut out and see if I can add a link to make my cards downloadable. Bit of an up and down day due to last minute plan changes but not terrible. Jack bought some squid and tried that today just cooked in some dairy free spread. He said it was nice and ate it all so that’s another thing added to the list and pretty easy to get as Tesco ten minutes from us has a fish counter. He had his eye on octopus yesterday so maybe that will be next? He was also most impressed by the giant ‘Raymond’ (butternut squash) in our Tesco delivery this morning lol I hope it is not just my children that descend on the driver like they have never been fed!
Feeling we need to get out for a long walk very soon so hopefully a trip to the downs or Alice Holt this week if the weather stays good or may head down to Chantry woods for a better look.

HubPages is picking up again and one of my hubs has a 100 score! Got over 100 featured articles there now and 10 that have been awarded Editors Choice and my macramé tutorials are still selling well. Sometimes surprises me which are the most popular. I have added a few to Etsy as well to see how they do on there. Hoping to get one or two new ones added this week and have a few ideas in mind. I have a chain maille design planed for Christmas as well that I need to get written up.

This week

I also found this site which looks like it could be really good for our body project : which looks really good for some fun resources and some learning without realising 🙂 Another idea I had was to draw a life-sized body (draw around the child) and then draw and colour or print out organs and any other parts you’d like to include and stick them on.

On Wednesday we went to Aldershot to met up with friends. We went to a soft play centre and then to the military museum there. I wasn’t sure how Jack would be with the museum as he has never shown an interest in anything remotely military and although he likes museums, it is only when something has his attention. The museum gave the children a list of items to spot and he really loved doing that. We couldn’t stay as long as we would of liked to but it was still a good day out.

Friday we went ice skating and it was Jack’s birthday. We were thinking of going bowling again as he enjoyed that but as the day went on he was getting more and more stressed and later had a huge meltdown. Birthdays are always he same and he’s not really settled yet since. In that way I am glad that we don’t have big family birthday days because he simply couldn’t handle it. The birthday thing overall is too much with all the waiting and anticipation, waiting to see what presents are etc. Decided to try telling him what his present was this year and that helped a little as that anxiety over what it might be was gone but then I think the excitement of finally having it was too much! He loved his cake too, which came out pretty well considering it is only the second time I have used that type of icing.

Om Nom Cake




Body Project

This week we have started work on a body project. I downloaded some lapbooking units from Currclick and have been using those, either as they are on adapted and built on to suit Jack. I have found that writing out sheets of questions that he needs to fill in blanks work really well. I read the text and he listens out for the answers he needs and then writes them in. Finding answers and cutting them out to stick on is a hit too. Writing is still a struggle and he tries to avoid it but things are improving and it no longer causes a meltdown, so progress 🙂



Today we have also read about and made an ‘Eatwel plate’ so more cutting, sticking and matching and Jack is now cutting up various magazines and bits of junk modelling to create a collage of things he likes. He hadn’t shown any interest in the junk modelling for a while, which was a big chance and I had stopped collecting so much unless there was something particularly interesting. Now after the weekends projects and today the box is looking very lacking!

Our Dyson project box also arrived yesterday and the fan is pretty impressive (and expensive!) but not had a proper look through the project book or guide yet.