Body Project

This week we have started work on a body project. I downloaded some lapbooking units from Currclick and have been using those, either as they are on adapted and built on to suit Jack. I have found that writing out sheets of questions that he needs to fill in blanks work really well. I read the text and he listens out for the answers he needs and then writes them in. Finding answers and cutting them out to stick on is a hit too. Writing is still a struggle and he tries to avoid it but things are improving and it no longer causes a meltdown, so progress 🙂



Today we have also read about and made an ‘Eatwel plate’ so more cutting, sticking and matching and Jack is now cutting up various magazines and bits of junk modelling to create a collage of things he likes. He hadn’t shown any interest in the junk modelling for a while, which was a big chance and I had stopped collecting so much unless there was something particularly interesting. Now after the weekends projects and today the box is looking very lacking!

Our Dyson project box also arrived yesterday and the fan is pretty impressive (and expensive!) but not had a proper look through the project book or guide yet.

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