This week

I also found this site which looks like it could be really good for our body project : which looks really good for some fun resources and some learning without realising 🙂 Another idea I had was to draw a life-sized body (draw around the child) and then draw and colour or print out organs and any other parts you’d like to include and stick them on.

On Wednesday we went to Aldershot to met up with friends. We went to a soft play centre and then to the military museum there. I wasn’t sure how Jack would be with the museum as he has never shown an interest in anything remotely military and although he likes museums, it is only when something has his attention. The museum gave the children a list of items to spot and he really loved doing that. We couldn’t stay as long as we would of liked to but it was still a good day out.

Friday we went ice skating and it was Jack’s birthday. We were thinking of going bowling again as he enjoyed that but as the day went on he was getting more and more stressed and later had a huge meltdown. Birthdays are always he same and he’s not really settled yet since. In that way I am glad that we don’t have big family birthday days because he simply couldn’t handle it. The birthday thing overall is too much with all the waiting and anticipation, waiting to see what presents are etc. Decided to try telling him what his present was this year and that helped a little as that anxiety over what it might be was gone but then I think the excitement of finally having it was too much! He loved his cake too, which came out pretty well considering it is only the second time I have used that type of icing.

Om Nom Cake




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