Body Project and New Foods.

Body project is still well underway – adding in some lapbook type resources so lots of cutting, gluing and matching going on. Jack had fun doing the jigsaws over at (anatomically correct pictures of eye, digestive system, heart etc.) and we also made a ‘bran hat’ from


I also downloaded a compound word matching game from Twinkl that Jack likes so have been making some more word cards to add to those using other compound words. Laminated they make a good and fun activity, will post a photo once I have them all cut out and see if I can add a link to make my cards downloadable. Bit of an up and down day due to last minute plan changes but not terrible. Jack bought some squid and tried that today just cooked in some dairy free spread. He said it was nice and ate it all so that’s another thing added to the list and pretty easy to get as Tesco ten minutes from us has a fish counter. He had his eye on octopus yesterday so maybe that will be next? He was also most impressed by the giant ‘Raymond’ (butternut squash) in our Tesco delivery this morning lol I hope it is not just my children that descend on the driver like they have never been fed!
Feeling we need to get out for a long walk very soon so hopefully a trip to the downs or Alice Holt this week if the weather stays good or may head down to Chantry woods for a better look.

HubPages is picking up again and one of my hubs has a 100 score! Got over 100 featured articles there now and 10 that have been awarded Editors Choice and my macramé tutorials are still selling well. Sometimes surprises me which are the most popular. I have added a few to Etsy as well to see how they do on there. Hoping to get one or two new ones added this week and have a few ideas in mind. I have a chain maille design planed for Christmas as well that I need to get written up.

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