Alice Holt and More New Foods!

Yesterday we went to Alice Holt in Farnham. We had originally planned to go with friends but when they couldn’t make it Jack wanted to go anyway. Normally when we go we go in at the Bentley station end which is the opposite end of the forest from where the play area, cafe and trails are so this time I wanted to go in that way. Too us a while to get there as I didn’t know what time the buses when and it turned out they didn’t connect up well. It was freezing waiting in Aldershot but once we got to Alice Holt it was much warmer.

We started at the cafe as Jack was hungry and had already eaten most of his lunch and after that Jack used a map to find the wooden play area.

Alice Holt

After the park we decided to try one of the discovery trails and Jack chose Willow and enjoyed looking out for the next marker arrow and figuring out which way too go. He chose the trail as it also had some rainforest activities and that is one of his big interests. We also found some interesting sights and a partly constructed den and spend some time playing there and adding some more sticks and fern. We also crossed two log bridges.


Jack asked for squid again for dinner but the Tesco fish counter didn’t have. They had some sea food cocktail (prawns, mussels and squid) so I went for that and Jack tried and liked mussels. He also tried and liked a samosa on wednsday. Normally he won’t et food he can see all of or is mixed up so that is a big step for him. Our plan for this afternoon is to make some gluten/dairy free pastry and make some homemade vegetable samosas.

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