PDA Group and DIY Adventures

Over the weekend the site DIY was posted on a home ed Facebook group so I thought I’d take a look and what a fab idea it is!The site is full of activities and challenges for children to try out to learn and practice skills they ave or learn new ones. The site is divided into sections such as Baker, Chemist, Minecrafter, Photographer and Skater. Each section has a selection of challenges to complete. On completing three challenges from one section children are awarded with a patch and if they complete six they Master that skill. The challenges vary and some are harder than others or require specific materials or knowledge but most use items that are easily found or that most likely already have at home. Over the last few days we have completed three challenges for three skills, Baker, Chemist and Lego Master. For Lego Master Jack made some lego pixel art of Pokemon gym badges, for Baker the gluten free pizza cake and yesterday we experimented with bicarb, washing up liquid and vinegar for Chemist which Jack really enjoyed. I suspect that Jack will want to work on a lot of the science based challenges as it really interests him. I have a few experiments in mind at the moment from Paging Fun Mums, just waiting for some things to arrive in the post.It’s a great site for children whether they are home educated or not to get the trying out and learning new things. Embroidered versions of the patches can be bought from the site to keep at home.


Bicarb and vinegar volcano

Today we went to the first session of a group near us for children and adults who have PDA (Pathalogical Demand Avoidance). The group was great and really friendly and relaxed. Jack had fun having a go at snooker, table football and table tennis as well as watching some of the other children play Minecraft. It was really nice to meet other parents who really understand PDA and share suggestions and experiences. looking forward to going again next month.

For anyone nearby interested in coming to the group the details are:

PDA monthly coffee morning for adults, parents and kids (and those who have children with some similar traits). All welcome.

Monday 6th Jan. Coffee and chat.

40 Degreez Centre
Dogflud Way
Nr back of Farnham Leisure Centre

10.30- 12.30 £2 per family & free coffee, juice and biscuits Computer room and comfy leather sofas.

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