Busy, busy so far this week. Yesterday we went to soft play in the morning and had some lunch there before getting the bus to go see Santa in town. It is inly the second time Jack has been as previous he showed no interest or much in Christmas in general. He hardly spoke but sat with Santa and was able to tell him he what he would like for Christmas (two things!) and have his photo taken which was great. He chose to have the photo made into a magnet and said next year he’d like to get the photo bauble. Being able to tell Santa himself made him feel better as well as he had been fretting that Santa would not know what his letter meant.

Today we went out to get a few Christmas presents, which should of been a quick trip but it turned out there was some road works and the traffic was really bad. So getting the bus to save time really didn’t work out!Because of where we live there are often quite large stretches with no bus stops or that are not that safe for walking with an unpredictable child so we couldn’t even get off and walk the rest. But we got the things needed and Jack was lovely and bought a new Skylander for his game in Argos. He was able to search for what he wanted by name, fill out the little slip and then order for himself too. In our store you can see the items coming down a big conveyer belt and he loves watching for his.

After lunch I put veg stew in the slow cooker and tidied up while Jack did some maths on Sumdog. I bought a subscription so he has some new activities to try out which pleased him. Then he played Wii music for a while, photographed part of his rock collection for a DIY challenge and made the sugar solution for growing sugar crystals for another. The instructions said to leave it too cool for at least six hours so we will start the crystals growing tomorrow. Lastly we made some home made silly putty (another DIY challenge – Chemically manufacture a product). I had to guess a bit with the glue and it didn’t come out quite right, it wasn’t stretchy and just broke. However it was still fun and Jack wondered what would happen if it got wet and that seemed to sort it out and it became proper stretchy squishy goo! Emily was just as happy with it I think and they played with it for quite a while. Andrew on the other hand hates it and always has. It’s his big sensory thing and he doesn’t even like it near him. I don’t know if it will last or for how long but it’s now it a tub in the fridge.

Home made silly putty/goo


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