This week we’ve slowed down and been more relaxed, been to soft play and bowling and skating tomorrow for the HE session. Jack completed another three challenges on DIY and has achieved the Lego Master patch. Only one more to do to get his Chemist patch now too. Working on the lego challenges has got him interested in lego generally and today we bought some mini figures as there where none in the box of lego and a motorbike. Very tempted to buy a huge lot on eBay that is only a few train stops away from us too, also need some sectioned containers or something to sort it out as at the moment we just a under bed storage box and it’s hard to find bits you want a lot of the time.

Jack has done loads of reading this week, mainly from the Reading Express library and twice he has written something with no prompting from me which is a big difference from him pretty much meltdown at the sight of pen and paper only a few months ago. He’s also got using the Argos touch screen computers sorted lol Today we started on a maths puzzle pack I downloaded from The School Run. You have to help a trainee wizard solve puzzles so he become a wizard. Each maths puzzle then has a question after it and a code breaker chart to fill out which then can be deciphered into a message. I only printed the first section as I knew it was something that Jack could easily find frustrating and hate but he really enjoyed it. He was confused by the idea of the code and then using the numbers to find corresponding letters and make a message but put in the context of a Scooby Doo mystery to figure out which letters he needed he got it and did fine. He also wrote fairly well with a normal biro rather than the chunky pens he normally goes for which is another good step. Still seems to be struggling with using enough pressure but small steps are fine with me and I know he’ll get there in his own time.

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