This last week or so have been busy with hospital/doctors appointments so I haven’t had much to post about. We haven’t even been skating as I was worried about Jack’s mouth healing after the surgery he had. He is still talking a little odd but back to his normal bouncy chatty self the last couple of days which is good.

At the moment Jack is focused on his DIY badges and we have completed a few random challenges he wanted to try including smashing open some rocks to see what was inside. He wants to work on the Veterinarian patch next. I made some adaptations to Toby the tortoises table to add in a second level and ramp and Jack helped with that and chose a new plant for Toby.

Today we worked through some of a unit study on whales from Currclick. It has a little bit of writing, reading, maths, science and some crafts and computer work including. Jack has learnt how to find pictures on a search engine and then save them to the laptop. Then how to import them into publisher and arrange/stretch and rotate them to create a collage of the pictures he saved. Later we are going to make some sweet bread swirls.

Toby's new house

Toby’s new house

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