One month gone of 2014 already! And it has been a very good and positive month for us too 😀

This week we started off with a trip to a soft play centre near us and then a trip to chose a lamp for the living room. We looked in B&Q and Argos and then found the same lamp I was thinking of getting was reduced to half price in Homebase so that sorted that. Jack loved the kitchen displays in Homebase and set off opening every cupboard and drawer he could. The staff were lovely and didn’t mind at all. They even pointed him in the direction of things he would like 🙂 Jack decided he wants one of everything! Me too son and in a space half the size of our kitchen they had easily double the storage with all the clever ideas they have. Maybe if we win the lottery one day…

We have had a worm farm container upstairs for ages waiting to be used. All the sand and soil is missing but garden soil and sand leftover from the garden tiles worked out fine. A couple of fork full of earth and we found three worms to go in too. Hoping they will makes some good tunnels for Jack to see.

Next on to some Brain Pop which Jack is really enjoying. They are running a free trial for this month. When the trial is up I may subscribe if he is still enjoying using it. The site covers a lot of subjects and is fun and very visual so just Jack’s kind of thing. After watching a video about Ronald Dahl Jack wants to read some of his books and I think he will like The Twits so will start with that. Six months ago he wouldn’t of been keen on the idea of me reading him a book or reading it together at all. Sum Dog is still a favourite too though mainly for the maths. Writing is still not something Jack enjoys although he is so much better than he was.

A while ago I downloaded a maths pack from the School Run that Jack has been working through and finished off what I had printed today and wants to carry on so I will print the rest now. Today Jack also told me there is an author with a beard called Homer and a scary story with a dragon called Beowulf. Just goes to show learning happens all the time because I didn’t teach him either.


Then this evening some reading purely out of choice. Pokemon of course but good, accurate and clear reading out loud 😀

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