Pokemon Wins again

Over the weekend I connected Jack’s 2DS to the wireless internet so that he could battle and trade with other players on his Pokemon X game and his is loving it. He has had fun trading, playing other people and seeing their Pokemon but it has also sparked an interest in geography. Although there is no chat feature or anything similar each player has a small profile that has basic details such as name and country and Jack has been asking about the countries, where they are and how away they are from us. We have a stuffed globe so we have been looking for the countries although I don’t think the concept of how far away they are is something he can fully understand yet. I have explained that it takes us 5 hours to get to Grimsby and related other places to that which does appear to be helping. Jack was excited to find someone who lives in Tokyo and I have suggested that he has a look for some of the places on Google Earth next time he is on the laptop. Google Earth has always been a hit since I showed him our new house/street/town etc. before moving here. Proving again that motivation and interest are key.

Jack’s new glasses came from the hospital and they gave me two pairs. Finally! The optician always said it wasn’t allowed even though I told them the hospital had said he should have two pairs due to him having other special needs and the increased risk of breaking. These new ones have a plastic and silicone frame and they are brilliant, so much harder wearing than any he has ever had. Only one day in they survived a meltdown and being bent till both lenses popped out! I had to bend them back into shape a little and the lenses can be pushed back into the frame without too much trouble. Definitely sticking with these and Jack has been wearing them much more willingly, I haven’t had to remind him to put them on once so perhaps they are more comfortable too.

Today was a trip to the bank so Jack could use the coin counter and pay the money into his account and we bought some more stickers for his animal sticker album which has been giving him loads of new information on animals.

Pokemon gets in everywhere 😀 he he I.T lesson of Google searching and how to save images and Publisher to make a collage of favourite Pokemon… with a little help from big brother 😀



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