The last week or so we have been a lot more autonomous  which has had good and not so good parts but over all the lack of a set structure has been better than I expected considering how Jack has reacted to that in the past. Jack has done loads of reading, mainly through his pokemon game and a pokemon book that is a encyclopaedia of sorts with details and stats of every pokemon.  We also subscribed to Netflix and he has wanted to read the details of each program before watching it. We have a  good list of documentaries, mainly animal related to watch through 😀

Jack did some spontaneous writing of pokemon names and his writing is improving (last summer the site of pen and paper could cause a meltdown), he said that he was hurting him. I suspected that was the issue as he can’t grip the pen well but he has never actually voiced it, just gets frustrated and cross or refuses. Perhaps the GP will take some notice if Jack tells him the problem. The last couple of times we have been walking down to the surgery in town rather than the one 10 minutes from us as the doctors there take more notice and do more so I am hopefully for his appointment tomorrow. Three times I got fobbed off by our normal surgery over his seizures, even after keeping a diary but we saw a doctor at the other surgery and he referred us to a neurologist straight away. Tests showed I was right and he was having absence seizures (many more than we initially though) which have no progressed to myoclonic seizures.

Wifi pokemon trades are still a firm favourite and sparked lots of interest in the various countries, where they are and what they are like. I am thinking we could expand on that with cooking related foods or trying crafts or observing holidays etc. Jack has been talking to a girl in Sweden over the trade chat facility and he is loving having someone to talk to who loves pokemon as much as he does.

We have worked on money skills – opening a bank account, putting money in and then using it in the best way… if he spends it all at once he will be without any money till a set day. Jack likes the coin counting machine and is saving ‘brown’ money in his money box to put in it. Jack has chosen a fruit tart to have a go at making and made a start on planning this years veg garden too.


We had planned to go on the London Eye over the half term but the weather was so wet and cold we stayed home. It is less than an hour away so something we can do any time and may well of been super busy through half term anyway. Nice that is right near the aquarium as well as Jack can get his fish fix 🙂 New glasses are fab too! twice the lens has come out from being sat on/screwed up and though it’s not that easy they pop back in. Nearly two weeks and not had to use the spare pair or have repairs done is a record I think and they must be more comfortable as Jack wears them all day with no issues.

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