Two more DIY patches arrived this morning to add to the frame, salvager and chiller which Jack is really pleased with. He is currently working on the backyard farmer patch and waiting for sunflower and pea seeds to come up and join the rest in the veg garden. Checking the bin this week we found that our compost is ready and looking really good. I dug and good pot full into the new raspberry bed and used some in repotting the chocolate mint and rosemary. Slugs have visited already and munched on the baby broad bean plants so time for some beer traps! The patio apple tree, that was just a twig when we bought it a few weeks ago has quite a lot of leaves already and so I think is happy in it’s pot. Which makes jack happy as he wanted the tree and chose the pot as it is his favourite colour – black.

I have also discovered the Roald Dahl museum and may take Jack there as he developed quite and interest after watching a Roald Dahl video on Brain Pop. I haven’t been able to tempt him into actually reading any of his books but he has never been one for reading for pleasure so I am not surprised. Keeping my eyes out for any of the DVDs. He has been talking a lot about designing his own ideas about what certain Pokemon evolutions would look like it they existed but I’ve not yet been able to actually encourage him to draw anything. Not even pokemon can tempt him to want to write/draw that much. I have been thinking about the drawing tablets that connect to the PC and you draw with an electronic pen or the mouse. Perhaps the technology and move away from the dreaded pen and paper would help?

In the last week weeks Jack has been able to ride a scooter and buying one was a good move. Although his legs ache him when walking, it seems riding a scooter doesn’t and now he is more than willing to walk anywhere even the few miles into town. There and back is pushing it but 5/6 miles is a lot for any 7 year old. Any progress is good and he has asked for a bike next. The old Kirby games and cartoon are his current obsession and in a week and a half he has managed to complete Pokemon Colosseum!

This week I seem to have had a burst of mojo, thankfully; finally! Has been a bit lacking the last month or two. I had a rough plan to make it to 200 hubs by the summer but I don’t think I have much chance of that now. I am currently at 128 so that’s 72 more needed which comes in at about 70,000 words! True I did NaNoWriMo which is 50,000 in a month but that was pretty hard going and I didn’t have HE to think about then either… This week I have written three so far with another to type up tonight and three jewellery tutorials, which has doubled what I had done the rest of the month. I have had quite a bit of work through Fiverr too. Being a designer and writer with no inspiration is not a good place at all… In better news it is looking a lot like Jack’s seizures are coming under control and are down to one or two a day at most. He isn’t on the maximum medication dose either so if anything changes at least an increase is a possibility. Options were running out fast. The only downside is that it may be causing what appear to be tics. Feels like trading one bad thing for another…


I have decided to go with the framed idea for Jack’s DIY patches as it will keep them protected and can be hung up rather than being in a drawer.

Yesterday we made melted crayon art, first trying out dot painting (by heating the crayon end with a candle and pressing it to the paper) and then sticking the candles to canvas and melting them with a hair dryer. Painting with the melting wax creates a texture like oil paint once it has dried but doesn’t stay melted long enough to paint much. They did not come out as well as some others we saw online but it was fun to do. This morning we had a go at melting the crayon bits leftover into other crayons as well. Cookie cutter crayons mostly snapped or cracked taking them out but we have a few heart shaped ones that worked out well. Also used an ice cube tray to make some shaped liked Lego bricks




After using cookie cutters to cut shapes from the still soft wax, Jack turned the wax over and was intrigued by the patterns formed and how all the colours had blended into one piece but hadn’t mixed. He wants to keep the pieces but it is very brittle so I don’t know if it will last long.


As part of the DIY patch Rocketeer Jack wanted to make balloon rockets from a science experiments book we have which turned out much better and was a lot of fun. Jack loves balloons anyway and will play with them for ages happily.


I keep meaning to post and hadn’t realised so much time had gone by! We have been working on lots of practical skills… using a bank account, saving and using money and also decorated two rooms so have been choosing paint, matching colours and everything that goes along with that.

Changed our room layout a bit downstairs as well and the conservatory has now been renamed ‘the games room’ by Jack lol every time he is on his laptop he goes and sits on the floor in there.He was super happy to find a black sofa (his favourite colour) when we went to Furniture Link to look for one. They are part of the Surrey Reuse Network and sell secondhand furniture and other household items.

At the weekend we planted out the first of the veg garden – some more strawberries, beetroot, broad beans and a chocolate mint plant that smells gorgeous! We also bought a patio apple tree and large pot for that (black again :D) jack did a good job of going to ask how much the pot was when we couldn’t find a price tag and bringing over a member of staff to show them which pot he wanted to know about. have this years sunflowers to plant and definitely some peas and maybe baby carrots.

I think we will be visiting the Sealife centre again very soon, may go to the one in Brighton this time as the ocean project is still going strong 😀 I found some really good lapbook resources to use and also incorporated some IT skills by having Jack search for relevant pictures online and then save the ones he liked to use to create a collage using Microsoft Publisher.