I keep meaning to post and hadn’t realised so much time had gone by! We have been working on lots of practical skills… using a bank account, saving and using money and also decorated two rooms so have been choosing paint, matching colours and everything that goes along with that.

Changed our room layout a bit downstairs as well and the conservatory has now been renamed ‘the games room’ by Jack lol every time he is on his laptop he goes and sits on the floor in there.He was super happy to find a black sofa (his favourite colour) when we went to Furniture Link to look for one. They are part of the Surrey Reuse Network and sell secondhand furniture and other household items.

At the weekend we planted out the first of the veg garden – some more strawberries, beetroot, broad beans and a chocolate mint plant that smells gorgeous! We also bought a patio apple tree and large pot for that (black again :D) jack did a good job of going to ask how much the pot was when we couldn’t find a price tag and bringing over a member of staff to show them which pot he wanted to know about. have this years sunflowers to plant and definitely some peas and maybe baby carrots.

I think we will be visiting the Sealife centre again very soon, may go to the one in Brighton this time as the ocean project is still going strong 😀 I found some really good lapbook resources to use and also incorporated some IT skills by having Jack search for relevant pictures online and then save the ones he liked to use to create a collage using Microsoft Publisher.

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