I have decided to go with the framed idea for Jack’s DIY patches as it will keep them protected and can be hung up rather than being in a drawer.

Yesterday we made melted crayon art, first trying out dot painting (by heating the crayon end with a candle and pressing it to the paper) and then sticking the candles to canvas and melting them with a hair dryer. Painting with the melting wax creates a texture like oil paint once it has dried but doesn’t stay melted long enough to paint much. They did not come out as well as some others we saw online but it was fun to do. This morning we had a go at melting the crayon bits leftover into other crayons as well. Cookie cutter crayons mostly snapped or cracked taking them out but we have a few heart shaped ones that worked out well. Also used an ice cube tray to make some shaped liked Lego bricks




After using cookie cutters to cut shapes from the still soft wax, Jack turned the wax over and was intrigued by the patterns formed and how all the colours had blended into one piece but hadn’t mixed. He wants to keep the pieces but it is very brittle so I don’t know if it will last long.


As part of the DIY patch Rocketeer Jack wanted to make balloon rockets from a science experiments book we have which turned out much better and was a lot of fun. Jack loves balloons anyway and will play with them for ages happily.

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