Thanks to the good weather we have been able to get out loads,  even if just in the garden. We bought some water balloons but Jack soon discovered that normal balloons are way more fun… They hold more water, fit in the tap better and are wobbly and wobbly! So we have been going through a lot of balloons lately.  

DIY have a new Super fan patch which Jack has been working on which has involved lots of Kirby drawings and even a fusion between Kirby and Leo men! We have vague plans for a giant paper machete kirby using one of those large punch ball balloons. I though maybe it could become a costume if it is strong enough. 

Yesterday we had a visitor to the left out neglected paddling pool. In the morning a toad was sitting in the middle of the virtually empty pool. He didn’t seem very bothered by us and only puffed up a bit when I touched him. Jack said he was worried about touching him but did find some slugs and worm that could be toad dinner. The toad stayed all day but is gone this morning. We are going to move the paddling pool to another bit of the garden and turn it into a little pond and see what else we can attract. Maybe we’ll even get some spawn next year 🙂 Now Jack has finished his Hedgehog award with The Surrey Wildlife Trust and can start the Kestrel award building a pond would be a perfect project as part of that. 




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