Jack has been outside loads this week, mostly on the trampoline. At the weekend, out of the blue he asked for a basketball hoop and I found one on sale in Argos. Put it up and everyone has had a go. With some help from Andrew Jack has been able to get the ball through too. He struggled at first and seemed like his arms just were not quite strong enough to get the ball high enough. Switching to a smaller ball helped and now he can score with either ☺

Literacy Planet is still a hit which is great as language can still be a sore subject. He plays Scramble (boogle) any time he can too which is great for word recognition and spelling practice. We have a rough plan to make a giant Ninjago figure, maybe even as a costume. Avoiding paper mache this time though!

Literacy Planet

This week we have been trying out some new online resources. Jack loved Reading eggs and Maths Seeds but finished both quickly so I was hoping to find something similar but at a higher level. Maths wise he still really likes Sumdog.

He tried out a few sites but wasn’t keen until we got to Literacy Planet which is a total hit! They have a word game similar to Scramble so that has been a favorite. In the lessons if you score 100% you get to spin a wheel to win a prize, such as extra tokens or mini games. All this morning Jack has been determine to get 100% on every task even if it takes a couple of tries, which is great 😀 Think we have a winner.

I have also started on creating a Lego Ninjago project book as that is Jack ‘ current favorite. So far I have some art, maths, quizzes, writing and origami sheets made and Jack is keen to get working.

Corn seeds and our Week


We planted these corn seeds last week to complete Jack ‘ Baker patch on DIY (grow grain challenge) and they have shot up already!

Mostly this week we have Been looking at rocks sparked off again by a chapter in the Earth workbook. I have a big bowl full of semi – precious stones which are prefect and we plan to try and break open various stones we have to try and decide what type of rocks they are. Magnifying glass at the ready! 🙂

At the weekend we took a trip into London to visit the park and farm in Mudchute and Tokyo toys. What to buy in there was no contest at all as they had a Kirby soft toy 😀 At the farm Jack had a go at stroking and feeding the animals and we had lunch at the cafe there, which was ok but not great. That said the homemade mint and honey tea was delicious. We walked back to the DR through Greenwich and went into ‘The First Shop in the World’ which was full of ship memorabilia.  Think one of the ships bells would be great for getting everyone down for dinner lol