Literacy Planet

This week we have been trying out some new online resources. Jack loved Reading eggs and Maths Seeds but finished both quickly so I was hoping to find something similar but at a higher level. Maths wise he still really likes Sumdog.

He tried out a few sites but wasn’t keen until we got to Literacy Planet which is a total hit! They have a word game similar to Scramble so that has been a favorite. In the lessons if you score 100% you get to spin a wheel to win a prize, such as extra tokens or mini games. All this morning Jack has been determine to get 100% on every task even if it takes a couple of tries, which is great 😀 Think we have a winner.

I have also started on creating a Lego Ninjago project book as that is Jack ‘ current favorite. So far I have some art, maths, quizzes, writing and origami sheets made and Jack is keen to get working.

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