Jack has been asking to go bowling a lot lately so we have been going on a Friday and then on to the market afterwards. Next week we are meeting up with the PDA group again and going to a different bowling alley in Aldershot. We will be in Cleethorpes on Friday visiting family, although if he wants there is bowling there too. We have also started running. I have always walked lots, sometimes 10-15 miles at a time and there is so much lovely countryside here to enjoy, it is perfect. But Jack cannot manage that kind of distance as his legs get very tired and achy. He can walk the couple of miles into town now and then around shops which is great. We have been doing a combination of running and walking together to get started and keeping track on endomondo.com so we have a record to look back over. On Sunday we walked round and used the local trim trail and fitness equipment which Jack said was fun. It has been interesting to track some of our common walks for everyday tasks as well, such as ‘home to Tesco’ or ‘home to the post office’ and see how far they are and so the walking we do without even thinking of it.

We have done quite a lot of craft projects recently and Jack is working on an Arts Award which is a first qualification for children from arts award.

Home education

Jelly fish racing craft and game

Home education

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