Catch up (1/10/14 – 15/10/14)

I never end up posting on here as much as I’d like to. I always intend to but then end up distracted by everything else or forgetting. I have also started posting from my tablet as that is often easier but not much good when photos are on the camera… (tablet camera is pants!).

At the moment we have been doing a lot from Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. The curriculum as a whole has a lot of Christian based work, including bible studies which some people may wish to avoid. These I am leaving out as I am not going to teach one religion as true over another and personally I don’t believe in any god so it feels hypocritical. That aside there is a lot of really good stuff on the site and some that I’ve not seen much elsewhere. As Jack loves science we have picked out most of the science courses, thinking and ancient art to start off with. A lot of ancient history looks good too. It is also an American site so some of the history, geography and other bits don’t apply but they could still be used as a basis. There are some really good educational games on the maths practice and thinking pages. The lilly Pads game really gets you thinking and I couldn’t get past level 2, though Jack made it to level 3 so far. Like Sumdog and Literacy Planet Jack will use those just for fun as well as in learning time. It is nice the site has levels as well and he is completing both so far, which is roughly up to American middle school grade 8. That is about 13 years old! I have had a look at the English section and I know Jack will be a lot lower if we use that though that is not unexpected. He loves literacy planet anyway and I’m sure he’ll be pretty quick to get frustrated when he can’t manage both levels as he has been.

Jack wanted to complete the whole of Literacy Planet from the start but I have managed to convince him that there isn’t much point in using his time to do the year 1 work as he has already done some in school and last year (we had to recover things he missed in school). So he is on year two until the half term and then I am going to see how he goes with year 3. Because it is interactive and speaks to him it suits his learning style so I think he’ll do ok but there is always the underlying issue of his anxiety at not being able to manage things and that he will make a mistake.

For ancient art we watched a tour of some caves in Lascaux (France) which Jack said was creepy because of the music! (I thought it was pretty interesting :D) and then discussed how cavemen would have painted and what they could have used. Yesterday we had a go at producing some caveman paintings of our own using mud paint lol (mud and water mix)

Home education art

Jack painted a cow and a horse (rule was only things a caveman may have seen, so no Kirby) and I went for animals and trees.

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