This week Jack made a shadow clock as part of a Mystery Science topic. He had fun trying out how the time changed with the light and shadows. We had a try with it outside but their wasn’t enough sun unfortunately.


We are trying out a block from the Earth Schooling curriculum called Man and Animals. I’ve had to adapt some of the materials but Jack enjoyed the first lesson. He has chosen bats as his animal to investigate.

Another hit this week included learning about RGB colours and how to edit and use them in Paint. He enjoys editing pictures and has started drawing his own so is chuffed to be able to make his own colours. He has gotten back into Scratch this week too and has been practicing drawing shapes following some tutorials online.


We have had a quiet couple of weeks, mostly just taking it easy at home and thinking about work and subjects to study. Jack has been going to Pokemon club each week and we have had some good Times Pokemon hunting and managed to claim a few gyms too.

On Monday we went down to Brighton to the Lego shop and for a day on the pier. They have an all day ride pass for £9 which is good value considering the rides are normally £2 each. Jack loves the bouncy castle and inflatable slide but he had a few goes on the others too. Rowan had his first ride on the carousel and enjoyed watching the sea gulls as always.

Jack is interested in starting a Spongebob project so I am going to do some planning for that. Thinking we can do some media studies, video making or stop motion, marine biology, voice acting, writing scripts, arts, making costumes maybe as well as facts and some episode or film reports. I have been looking at the Earthschooling curriculum and think some of the blocks would be good for us too.