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Hello and welcome to my blog. I live in beautiful Surrey with my three children and a tortoise called Toby. Both of my sons have special needs (Aspergers Syndrome, polymicrogyria, septo – optic dysplasia, hemiparesis, autism, PDA and epilepsy) and I have Aspergers and dyslexia. I recently qualified as a SEN teaching assistant and am two modules away from completing my degree in psychology and childhood and youth studies.

I have been running y own business Elderberry Arts since 2010 and previous to that own and ran several online shops and websites. I started out making jewellery over 12 years and have worked in many different materials and techniques since. I also write jewellery making tutorials to be sold online and have written for several magazines as well including Creative Crafting, Bead and Making Jewellery. As well as tutorials I write online articles on a variety of subjects including special educational needs, vegetarianism and veganism, natural remedies, jewellery making, health, psychology and recipes: many of which are gluten and dairy free. This autumn I have decided to cut back on the items in the Elderberry Arts online shop to concentrate more on my writing  and studies.

In July 2013 I began home educating my younger son. His school were very good with him and tried hard to support him but he was unhappy and the school environment and system was not suited to him at all. Home education is something I have thought about for a long time but never taken the plunge with. As it turns out none of my worries came true and I wish I had just gone for it sooner! Since starting Jack is much happier and starting to get back the interest and eagerness to learn he had always had until the last six months or so at school. We do lots of practical and hands on work as that is what he engages better with and learns more from and use a semi-structured approach as well as project/unit based studies.

I love creative things, photography, jewellery making, sewing, cookery, crafts and growing my own fruit and veg. Like old London buses, ladybirds, goats!, elephants, wind turbines, Long necks, the sea, nature and a million other things 🙂
Love music, especially live music and loving the fact that that is so much more of it around down here. Would love to see Kings of Leon, Maroon 5 and Pink… and Marillion and Jack Johnson again ♥ Couldn’t live without music.

I have been designing and making jewellery for about ten years now. I own and run my own business, Elderberry Arts. Basically I get to play with beads, silver and my camera all day and get paid for it! Can’t get better than that 🙂 lol
I have a websites

I have written many jewellery projects and articles for magazines including Creative Crafting, Make Jewellery, Bead and the American magazine Creative Jewellery. I also write jewellery making tutorials for the website, jewelry lessons. I have compeleted NaNoWriMo and CampNaNoWriMo twice and also regually write jewellery making tutorials for

I love photography so I’m always the one behind the camera rather than in front of it! (which suits me fine! lol) Take a lot of landscape, black & white and macro shots.I love black and white photos, there is something about them that colour just doesn’t have and macro photos show a whole new world we don’t normally notice. I have had a few photos placed in online competitions and have also had pictures published in The Grimsby Telegraph several times.

I’m studying through the Open University, slowly working towards a degree though in what I’m not sure as I can’t decide between psychology and childhood and youth studies. There are so many courses I’d like to do.

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