Group and Things

Good day at the Cleethorpes group with Pokemon, Lego and jigsaws. Rowan tried out the play dough and liked it this time. He was quite upset about leaving it behind so the next day we made some and set up a tuff spot activity.

Paddling Pool Fun

After saying he didn’t want to go out and would be bored, Jack had a great day at the paddling pool in Stoke Park.


Before we’d left he was asking when we can go back! 😁 He had a good few hours playing in the playground afterwards too. Definitely a hit.

Gluten Free Vegan Crispy Bars

Today we tried out a recipe from Pinterest for homemade crispy bars. Jack really likes the bars from Tesco so was excited to have a go at making his own.

We used a mixture of half vegan milk chocolate and half dairy free dark chocolate. The recipe only needed two other ingredients: coconut oil and rice crispsy cereal.

Jack measured out the ingredients and mixed everything together once the chocolate was melted. After spreading out on a tray they only took a couple of hours to be set and ready to eat.



Jack tried karate on Tuesday but was too nervous to join in. He watched for the session and said maybe we’ll go back next week. It seemed like a really nice friendly group too.

Minecraft Academy is going well though I think the level is a bit easy for Jack. Once this course is over I think it will be better to try the higher level.

May pop into soft play tomorrow or Thursday as Jack always enjoys that. Probably won’t be able to go for much longer either with him being tall 😦