Group and Things

Good day at the Cleethorpes group with Pokemon, Lego and jigsaws. Rowan tried out the play dough and liked it this time. He was quite upset about leaving it behind so the next day we made some and set up a tuff spot activity.

Fluid Art

We had a go at fluid art after watching a free course on Udemy. We followed the starter tutorial using paint, PVA and silicone lubricant.

The results were not great and not sure what went wrong or if it was something about the materials we used. Will look into a bit more and watch some videos on YouTube and give it another go.

This was a project for Jack’s Art Award Bronze so it’s a shame it didn’t work out better. Though if he decides to carry on working with the technique he can write about how he experimented and researched to improve.

Robotnic and Graphic Novels

Two of Jack’s current loves are Sonic the Hedgehog and graphic novels. Our library have a graphic novel section and he found these two this week. The kids library have drawing materials out too and he drew an awesome Robotnic.