WWF Living Planet Centre

Today we went to the Living Planet Centre in Woking. It turned out to be a shorter visit than I expected but the activities and quizzes mere enjoyed.


Paddling Pool Fun

After saying he didn’t want to go out and would be bored, Jack had a great day at the paddling pool in Stoke Park.


Before we’d left he was asking when we can go back! 😁 He had a good few hours playing in the playground afterwards too. Definitely a hit.

Surrey Hills and Chantry Wood

Today we walked from Pilgrims Way across Surrey Hills and through some of Chantry Woods. We had planned to go to Pewley Downs but found we couldn’t follow our planned route as the path was too narrow once we were almost there. We had to come another way along some country lanes and then streets back to town.

We spotted lots of different plants and trees including elder, speedwell, dock, nettles, plantain, oak and horse chestnut. Also saw a rabbit, squirrels and various birds. Found a magpie feather to bring home and ticked off lots in Jack’s I- Spy nature book.





Crystal Palace Park

We had a really nice day at Crystal Palace Park today. The weather was lovely and journey not bad at all. There was plenty of open space for running around and Jack really enjoyed the maze. We also did a bit of poke hunting and caught Stantler.

Unfortunately we visited on the only day the farm is closed, which was a shame as Rowan would have loved to see the animals. He did have fun spotting the dinosaurs on the dino trail. Definitely somewhere to visit again.



Hastings and Battle Abbey

We spent the weekend in St Leonards and visited Hastings old town and then Battle Abbey on Sunday. Most of Saturday was spent on the beach having lunch, Poke hunting and looking for interesting rocks. On Sunday we spent most of the day looking around the Abbey and battlefield. Jack grumbled a bit about having nothing to do but was soon happily running round, reading the information boards and listening to the audio guide. He was adding in his own bits and bobs of information that he had learnt online last week. Afterwards we got the train back to Hastings, to the beach again. Jack was soon off exploring and found a crab washed up by the tide coming in. We also saw some seagulls sitting on rocks catching their lunch as the tide came in.

Monday Jack played Dinosaur King as always and won some prizes from the 2p machines. We had a cooked breakfast and then headed home.



On Saturday we had a bad day and Jack left his bag, containing his 3DS and two tins of Pokemon cards on the train. I phoned the stations Sunday and Monday and it hadn’t been found.

Then on Wednesday I had a phone call and it had turned up at Waterloo! So we got ready and headed off to collect it. It seemed a bit of a waste travelling to them come straight home so decided to use Jack’s Merlin pass and go to the Sealife Centre. Jack used to love them when he was in his fish/ocean loving phase and I wondered if he might just get quickly bored. But in fact he seemed to love it and was excitedly reading all the information about the fish and telling me other bits and pieces he already knew. We were really lucky to be in the right place at the right time just before leaving. I stopped to feed Rowan and the sea turtles appeared and were swimming up and down past the viewing window.

After the Sealife we decided to go to the Lego shop in Leicester Square and did end up buying a few bits – a Lego London bus, three custom minifigures and two Batman Lego Movie minifigures. We also had a look in the Nickelodeon shop.


This week we went to Cleethorpes to visit family and celebrate Rowan’s first birthday.

The weather wasn’t bad other than some brief rain on Saturday. We visited a small tropical themed zoo where Jack got to stroke a Rhinoceros Iguana and hand feed chipmunks and goats. He loved the chipmunks and was singing the theme tune from the chipmunks cartoon to them. Rowan loves animals and was laughing at them climbing all over the mesh cage. We also saw some baby guinea pigs that looked just like Tsum Tsums, spiders, a pig, snakes, chickens and Jack’s favourite, the axotl.


After the zoo of went to soft play which always goes down well with Jack. Rowan seemed to enjoy his first time, especially the ball pit. We managed to catch some new Pokemon on the way home and then had a nice dinner and evening with family.

On Sunday we went to Pleasure Island theme park for a few hours and Jack won himself a Minion toy on a crane game. We watched a bird show and Jack got to hold one of the parrots. Then we headed to the boating lake to feed the geese, ducks and other birds there.





We have had a quiet couple of weeks, mostly just taking it easy at home and thinking about work and subjects to study. Jack has been going to Pokemon club each week and we have had some good Times Pokemon hunting and managed to claim a few gyms too.

On Monday we went down to Brighton to the Lego shop and for a day on the pier. They have an all day ride pass for £9 which is good value considering the rides are normally £2 each. Jack loves the bouncy castle and inflatable slide but he had a few goes on the others too. Rowan had his first ride on the carousel and enjoyed watching the sea gulls as always.

Jack is interested in starting a Spongebob project so I am going to do some planning for that. Thinking we can do some media studies, video making or stop motion, marine biology, voice acting, writing scripts, arts, making costumes maybe as well as facts and some episode or film reports. I have been looking at the Earthschooling curriculum and think some of the blocks would be good for us too.