Kindle Store

Many of my jewellery making tutorials are available to download and view on Kindle eBook readers or apps. Each tutorial contains a full list of material and tools that are needed in order to complete the piece of jewellery. Each tutorial comprises of clear and easy to understand step by step instructions that guide you through the creation process. Each step is also accompanied by a large, clear and close up colour photograph illustrating that step. Many of the tutorials also feature relevant basic information such as how to create a macrame board, project variation ideas or how to tie various macrame knots (for macrame projects only).

Tutorials are available in a wide range of style to suit all tastes and include macrame, wire work, stringing and mixed media techniques.

As well as a collection of over 50 tutorial Kindle books the store also features several longer length books full of information regarding jewellery making.

To buy from the Elderberry Arts Kindle store simply select the products you wish to buy and click the ‘Buy at Amazon’ button. You will the be transferred to the products page on the main Amazon site where their secure checkout will handle all payment and other personal information. My Kindle books are available to buy worldwide but are all written in English.