This week we went to Cleethorpes to visit family and celebrate Rowan’s first birthday.

The weather wasn’t bad other than some brief rain on Saturday. We visited a small tropical themed zoo where Jack got to stroke a Rhinoceros Iguana and hand feed chipmunks and goats. He loved the chipmunks and was singing the theme tune from the chipmunks cartoon to them. Rowan loves animals and was laughing at them climbing all over the mesh cage. We also saw some baby guinea pigs that looked just like Tsum Tsums, spiders, a pig, snakes, chickens and Jack’s favourite, the axotl.


After the zoo of went to soft play which always goes down well with Jack. Rowan seemed to enjoy his first time, especially the ball pit. We managed to catch some new Pokemon on the way home and then had a nice dinner and evening with family.

On Sunday we went to Pleasure Island theme park for a few hours and Jack won himself a Minion toy on a crane game. We watched a bird show and Jack got to hold one of the parrots. Then we headed to the boating lake to feed the geese, ducks and other birds there.




Bird Project Ideas (Home Education)

20 great links to various resources that can be used in project work, lapbooks, unit studies etc.


How Last Week Looked For Us

Our week looked at lot like this… with soft play, lots of maths, Literacy planet, snake feeding and spotting pheasants thrown in.

First up, carrying on with a project on Japan and getting everything cut out and stuck in a project book.

Japan lapbook

Japan lapbook

Japan lapbook

Next was a lapbook on classifying animals as part of a zoology course from All in One Homeschool



Some of a section on Egypt for ancient history, also from All in One Homeschool. I added in a few extra bits from Twinkl as well.

egypt lapbook


And finally Mayan pots for ancient art, can you guess? also from All in One Homeschool. I really like the site and Jack is enjoying working through it and being able to see what is coming up. There are so many great resources and it is all really flexible. I skip over the heavier religious stuff  and add in or leave bits out here and there but finding most of it to be great, either to work straight from or get ideas. The site is split into two levels and covers up to American grade 8, which is for 13-14 year olds and Jack has been completing most of the work for both levels! It is set up so both are listed together which makes it easy to look at what is there rather than having to switch to another age. But anyway… Mayan pots made from salt dough.

Mayan pots


Catch up (1/10/14 – 15/10/14)

I never end up posting on here as much as I’d like to. I always intend to but then end up distracted by everything else or forgetting. I have also started posting from my tablet as that is often easier but not much good when photos are on the camera… (tablet camera is pants!).

At the moment we have been doing a lot from Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. The curriculum as a whole has a lot of Christian based work, including bible studies which some people may wish to avoid. These I am leaving out as I am not going to teach one religion as true over another and personally I don’t believe in any god so it feels hypocritical. That aside there is a lot of really good stuff on the site and some that I’ve not seen much elsewhere. As Jack loves science we have picked out most of the science courses, thinking and ancient art to start off with. A lot of ancient history looks good too. It is also an American site so some of the history, geography and other bits don’t apply but they could still be used as a basis. There are some really good educational games on the maths practice and thinking pages. The lilly Pads game really gets you thinking and I couldn’t get past level 2, though Jack made it to level 3 so far. Like Sumdog and Literacy Planet Jack will use those just for fun as well as in learning time. It is nice the site has levels as well and he is completing both so far, which is roughly up to American middle school grade 8. That is about 13 years old! I have had a look at the English section and I know Jack will be a lot lower if we use that though that is not unexpected. He loves literacy planet anyway and I’m sure he’ll be pretty quick to get frustrated when he can’t manage both levels as he has been.

Jack wanted to complete the whole of Literacy Planet from the start but I have managed to convince him that there isn’t much point in using his time to do the year 1 work as he has already done some in school and last year (we had to recover things he missed in school). So he is on year two until the half term and then I am going to see how he goes with year 3. Because it is interactive and speaks to him it suits his learning style so I think he’ll do ok but there is always the underlying issue of his anxiety at not being able to manage things and that he will make a mistake.

For ancient art we watched a tour of some caves in Lascaux (France) which Jack said was creepy because of the music! (I thought it was pretty interesting :D) and then discussed how cavemen would have painted and what they could have used. Yesterday we had a go at producing some caveman paintings of our own using mud paint lol (mud and water mix)

Home education art

Jack painted a cow and a horse (rule was only things a caveman may have seen, so no Kirby) and I went for animals and trees.


We have had a busy week of mostly working on DIY challenges this week and Jack has now completed his Puppeteer and Chef patches and finished the full six challenges to master the Lego skill.


Jack helped me make some gluten and dairy free pasta for vegetable lasagne which came out pretty well. The dough was very crumbly until had been through the pasta machine once and then it stayed together better for further rolling. The recipe we used was:

2 cups gluten free self raising flour – we used Doves Farm
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 – 1 1/2 cups water

Jack’s laptop stopped working so we had to return it and ended swapping it for another one. The only one in price range was a smaller netbook but it has turned out to be easier for him as he can sit with it on his lap much easier and doesn’t need to always use it at a table which is nice. Will be good to take on train journeys as well as it is much smaller and lighter than the full sized laptop he had. He has been back on Reading Eggs and brain Pop and of course You Tube! Brain Pop topic today has been ‘Where we come from’ and he has been happily watching videos about how babies are made and grow and telling me all about X and Y chromosomes.

Kirby is still a big favourite at the moment and his Pokemon obsession has defiantly died down some, for now. We have talked about making a Kirby themed t-shirt as another DIY challenge and will probably do that using the printer transfer paper soon. The warm weather has meant Jack can get out in the garden more, most of which has involved playing with water and having water fights.

Jack has a pet snail at the moment, called Marks after a Kirby character. He is always asking to keep various insects and creatures so I decided it couldn’t hurt to have it for a while. We used to have African Giant land snails so we have a similar set up and Marks is now living with two slugs that I noticed have appeared – with plenty of help I’m sure! lol

Chessington World of Adventures (14/05/2014)

Yesterday we spent the day at Chessington world of Adventures. Jack loves the rides, the faster the better! We spent more time with the animals than we have on other visits and Jack enjoyed reading all the information plaques rather than rushing through having a quick look at each as he has before. He’s picked up loads of new animal facts and after some stray fish came over the fence and hit him, got to throw it back in and feed the sealions.

We also got to watch the tigers being fed and we’re lucky enough to get to spend ages seeing the tigers up close, literally face to face if it hadn’t been for the glass! Beautiful animals and Jack loved it. Lots of reptile spotting in the Creepy cave and of course a trip to Bubbleworks and Hocus Pocus 🙂