Rainy Day, Painting Day


Art Award Explore Final Piece

Jack’s final piece of art for his Art Award Explore qualification, titled ‘What’s Inside My Head’.

Tuff Spot Painting

I really like the idea of the tuff spot trays but by the time I knew much about them I felt Jack wouldn’t get that much use from one. Now Rowan likes painting and drawing and it being great for sensory play it seemed like a good investment. The first one I ordered was unfortunatly damaged in the post but now we have a new one that is getting lots of use.




Future Learn Course

During November Jack has been working on a course run by Future Learn called Explore Animation. He has learnt loads and had a go at several different types of animation. The course have been adding all the students videos to YouTube playlists too.

Butterflies and Marbling 03/08/2016

This week we had a go at a marbling project from Carla Sonheim‘s website. I’m not sure if it was the nail varnish we used or paper but ours didn’t come out as well, or as well as I remember doing marbling with the small cans or oil paint years ago. But still they are interesting and Jack was fascinated by how the nail varnish kinda sucked on to the paper.

Nail varnish marbling


Today our butterflies have hatched too! So far nine of the ten are out of their cocoons and flying round. The final one is part way out and wriggles every now and then so I hope it will be okay too.